Wall modules

The standard wall module measurements are defined at 1235 mm width, 2350 mm height and 50 mm thickness. The sheet thickness of the outside cover plates is 2 mm. Also the DIN EN 12415 and/or 17 standards are fulfilled by a total sheet thickness of 4 mm. Using a 150 mm high floor-mounted C-profile with a wall connection element creates a grid spacing of 1250 x 2500 mm (W x H). The wall modules can be mounted side-by-side to form long walls.

When necessary, supporting-columns are installed to add to lateral stability. Corner modules and roofs also provide a stabilizing effect and add to wall stability considerably. Connection elements have a labyrinth-seal on the work area side so that additional synthetic or rubber seals are not necessary.

All parts of the walls are riveted or screwed together and are protected against rust by a powder coating in the desired colours. Cavity sealing protects the inner sides of the walls from condensation.

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