Sliding doors

Automatic design

Because automatic doors are integrated into the machine tool programme, they automatically open and close according to the required production cycle. For heights of 2-3 m that’s nothing special. But the automatic door in the PROTECTPANEL system can manage much bigger sizes.

At the production plant of one of our customers, a first automatic door has been installed which is 6500 mm high, 1600 mm wide, 500 kg in weight and can open and close within 5 seconds. It’s a challenge that we were able to solve with the help of linear drives, a three-phase motor and control shaft technology.

Telescopic design

The access to the inside of machining centres is particular large due to our space-saving telescopic sliding door. Components in XXL format can be easily supplied. The PROTECT-PANEL system already boasts of a series of sliding door and roll gate solutions.

The telescopic sliding door can be opened wide quickly, but it remains impenetrable when closed. The sliding door elements also come in a sandwich construction and additionally provided with bullet-proof glass window to allow a view of the interior.

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