The “impenetrable” housing for your machines

High speeds, quick machining cycles, cooling water and chips: Machine tools represent a dangerous environment for people. This is why all machine tools are contained in nearly “impenetrable” housings.

These help reduce or eliminate the hazards for the persons who work with them. With the KABELSCHLEPP PROTECT-PANEL system, we offer you optimized protection for a particularly attractive price.

Steel plate construction for a totally harmonised system

Every protective device is produced to your specifications – nevertheless made from standardized parts. We design in 3D and assemble your protective device from predefined elements. Special connecting elements hold the walls in line.

The entire system is made of steel. Extremely sturdy wall modules are created by using a combination of screws and rivets as well as sandwich-design without weld joints from industrially preassembled components. The wall elements are normally mounted vertically on C-profiles, e.g. on the shop floor. Unevenness of the floor surface can be compensated by adjusting hardware.

This production method offers you several advantages: Short design times by use of standardized parts. Short delivery times, since our production is based on predefined processes. Shorter installation time, since our mounting profiles are standardized and the wall elements are assembled with only a few screws. Processing on state-of-the-art processing machine tools provides a high precision for all elements. Avoiding welding as much as possible eliminates the potential for distortion and irregularties.

PROTECT-PANEL: Secure protection against water spray

The unique connecting element means that the wall elements are sealed against water spray, and are joined to each other in an extra-sturdy manner. Each pair of modules is joined by specially-formed plates held together by bolts. An additional plate on the inside forms a labyrinth seal.

In order to direct the remaining water spray downwards, we have fitted a deflector plate which guides the downward-flowing water directly into a particle conveyor, for example. The sandwich construction of the wall elements, together with the deflector plate, result in a sealed protective wall which can withstand even high water pressures.

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