Folding doors

To make exchanging workpieces easier, and if it is not possible to implement a guide rail in the upper and lower areas of the enclosure, then you can equip the enclosure with a folding door which moves to the side. The folding door is suspended only from a lateral post, leaving the greatest possible open space for your workpieces, especially in the upwards direction. The door elements have the same design as the wall elements.

Each of them is driven by a 24 V DC motor with a planetary gear unit and integrated PLC controller. Countryspecific voltages can easily be obtained using an appropriate transformer. Modern CAN-BUS technology makes it possible to program different motion patterns for individual door elements. Teaching and loading of programs are remarkably simple. If suitable CAN-BUS equipment is present, the motors can also be monitored using the machine controller.

When closed, the doors are held together by a locking mechanism, and will not open even if a person leans on them, for example. The end positions can be monitored and interrogated either via the program, or by means of additional limit switches.

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