Telescopic covers

Perfect protection for guideways on machine tools

Wherever guideways on machines have to be protected, we have a suitable solution. Our guideway protections systems boast a high degree of operational reliability, a long service life, and make use of innovative technical solutions.

The speed is decisive

At speeds below 15 m/min a telescopic cover can still be built in the conventional form of box synchronization. At high running speeds the inevitable impact pulses lead to vibrations and clearly audible impact noise. So-called differential drives serve to synchronize the boxes and eliminate impact pulses. KABELSCHLEPP has decided on the tried and proven harness mechanism principle for which special materials are used.

Telescopic cover with damping elements

1. Wiper systems in various designs
2. Rollers
2. Sliders
3. Gully in various designs
4. Damping systems in various designs
5. Structural metal plates to prevent slipping (on the largest box)
6. Lifting element
7. Locking system

Telescopic cover with harness mechanism

1. Wiper systems in various designs
2. Rollers
2. Sliders
3. Lifting element
4. Locking system
5. Synchronising device (harnesses) for fast-running telescopic covers


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