Guideway protection

Perfect protection for guideways on machine tools

KABELSCHLEPP supplies fully developed, safe systems that protect guideways, spindles and axles from contamination and damage. Our guideway protection solutions thus avoid expensive down times and facilitate optimal production processes.

KABELSCHLEPP’s scope of achievements encompasses all the important production areas – from reliable telescopic covers, way wipers and link apron covers to bellows, steel spring covers and roller conveyor covers.

Telescopic covers

are produced in a wide range of different designs. The form and design of the cover are ultimately dependent on the machine and the respective operating conditions.

Link apron covers

can be used anywhere where, for reasons of space, it is not possible to use telescopic covers.

Way wipers on guideways

are essential to keep the guideways in a proper functional state, and thus to keep the machine tool permanently in operation.

Conical spring covers

protect spindles, columns, shafts, threads and rod guides reliably against contamination, chips and mechanical damage.


are used on all kinds of machine to provide protection for guideways and spindles, in those cases where no hot chips are present and accessibility is not a requirement.

Roll-up covers

serve to protect contact surfaces and guideways on all kinds of machine.

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