Conical spring covers

Protection under extreme conditions

Conical spring covers protect spindles, columns, shafts, threads and rod guides reliably against contamination, chips and mechanical damage. They provide a good sealing function, and are self-cleaning if installed in a suitable position. High temperature resistance and resistance to chemicals guarantee reliable protection even under extreme operating conditions.


  • Accident prevention for operating personnel from revolving spindles and shafts
  • Reduction in downtimes resulting from contamination
  • Increased machine service life
  • Some conical spring covers are also available for retrofitting


  • High-quality hardened spring based steel
  • Stainless available upon request

Installation positions

Vertical installation

When installed vertically, conical spring covers are mounted with the larger diameter at the top. This way the overlapping of the individual coils makes the conical spring covers self-cleaning.

Horizontal installation

When installed horizontally, conical spring covers are mounted with the larger diameter in the direction of the chip generation. In horizontal installation with larger diameters or longer expansion, the maximum expansion is reduced to 60 % of the value for vertical installation. Moreover, a slight sag appears in the conical spring cover, which is about 2 - 5 % of the maximum expansion.

Installation in inclined position

In addition to vertical and horizontal installation, installation in an inclined position is also possible. For small angles of incline above the horizontal the same conditions apply as in horizontal installation.


Selection of the conical spring cover suitable for your specific application is generally based on the following criteria:

  • Internal diameter D1
  • Expansion AZ (vertical / horizontal)
  • Compression ZD


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