Scraper conveyors

For disposal of small materials


  • Stable metal plate construction
  • Standardized housing cross-section with variable width
  • Robust worm gear motor with torque switching
  • Customized discharge height
  • Customized incline standards = 30°, 45° and 60°
  • Floor mounting or as a push-in version into the machine base

Accessory examples

  • Motor monitoring systems with current monitoring relay
  • Other overload safety devices (on request)
  • Coolant container with pump station
  • Direct electrical connection to your machine controller
  • Other special solutions are available. Please do get in touch with us, we will be happy to advise you.

Transport of the material takes place via drivers which push the material along the floor of the housing towards the discharge.

Cooling lubricants are collected in the conveyor housing and can be fed back into the machine circuit via an added-on container or a pumping unit. Our scraper conveyors can be used as stand-alone conveyors at machine tools or as linked conveyor systems.

Depending on the design, the material to be conveyed is brought to the required height at a defined incline and then discharged.


Typical designs


KRF 040

KRF 063

KRF 100

Pitch t




Box height HK




Scraper belt width BKR

150 - 600

150 - 900

150 - 900

Box width BK

BKR + 90

BKR + 120

BKR + 150

Dimensions in mm, special dimensions on request.


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