Cable carriers

We supply steel, highgrade stainless steel and solid plastic cable carriers and plastic cable carriers with aluminium stays (Hybrid cable carriers), in standard sizes or tailormade to an individual customer’s requirements in millimetre units.

Our scope of supply ranges from small units of only a few millimetres as for an inkjet printer to giant chains for oil platforms where the chain weighs several tonnes.

With properties suited to all application situations, for example stable and robust, with fixed chain widths or variable widths, for long unsupported lengths and 3D applications. Particularly quiet and lightweight, in a covered design and quickly openable. Or for extreme conditions, for example heat-resistant or suitable for clean room environments.


Reduce costs and benefit at the same time from improved features and performance

Over many decades, TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP has become well-known for its award winning product innovation and continuous improvement of proven cable carrier technologies, all to the benefit of our customers and users worldwide.


Solid plastic cable carriers with fixed chain widths

  • Economically priced solutions for standard applications
  • Types with fixed or openable brackets
  • Many types available immediately ex-stock world wide
  • Fast cable laying by simply pulling/pressing the cables in (PLUS)


Cable carriers with variable chain widths

  • Aluminium or plastic stays
  • Aluminium stays in 1 mm width sections are available
  • Inside and outside easy and quick to open
  • Light, robust or link-free series – a suitable solution for every application


Covered Cable Carriers

  • Covered cable and hose carriers with plastic or aluminium cover systems and completely enclosed carrier tubes
  • For protection of the cables for applications where chips or severe contamination occur


Cable carriers for 3D movements

  • Ideal for use on jointed and swivel arm robots
  • Easy laying by simply pressing in the cables
  • With channel system, it is a universal solution for rotary applications


Steel cable carriers – solutions for extreme applications

  • Robust design for heavy mechanical loads
  • High additional loads and long unsupported lengths possible
  • Best suited for extreme and particular environmental influences – heat-resistant


Ready-to-assemble cable carrier system

  • One supplier and contact person for the complete system.
  • We develop, design and supply all components required for your individual cable & hose carrier system.


for cable carriers

  • Guide channels
  • Support trays
  • Strain relief devices

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